How to Write a Paper ?

Note. All of these are made by a student for tips and references. I cannot gurantee, or take any responsibility for your marks. This is what I experienced, found, read, instructed, which I am passing on.

Okay, so I had a KT Exam Recently where I thought about all of this. A few teachers and professors also gave guidance on how to exactly write a paper. SO I am combining all of that now.

In a University or any other Paper, we will have a range of Questions. Many Questions have Options, and few absolutely dont. 

Do remember that, you can write any question in any order, as long as you provide the appropriate question Number. So lets go.

All the Points Mentioned Here are for Reference, you may or may not follow them. Just get good marks 🙂

Questions, Answers, and their Points

Okay so, now, I will make a table, and a paragraph on the Writing Format.

Marks Mentioned is the most two-faced, hypocritical, back stabbing, thing in a Paper. I write so much and still dont get the mentioned marks. Marks mentioned is the worth of a Question in a Question Paper.

The Probability of Marks is the column which will tell you how many marks you can get if you are able to write each and every possible thing necessary for the Point.

Number of Points is exactly what the name suggests. {i always wanted to say this} How Many Points you can write for a question with the Mentioned Marks is what this Column Suggests. Also note, that a Point should be more than 18-20 Words. With Highlight, Underlines, and Pixie Dust.

Make sure to include Examples, Definitions, Quotes, Diagrams, Charts, Tables for each of your Answers.

Marks MentionedMarks ProbabilityNumber of Points
159-1025-30 Points (+ Example)
7510-12 Points (+ Example)
8610-12 Points (+ Example)
538-10 Points (+ Example)

15 Marks Questions

  • The Initial Question which includes Case Studies, Sums, Theories, etc. This Question
  • If its a Theory,  then include Practical Application of the Theory in your Answer as an additional Point
  • If its a Case Study, do not write or risk about facts you are unaware of. Mention Proper details about the Case Study.
  • If its a Sum, do add a short definition and understanding of the Category of Question and then solve it. 
  • The Question should be completed under a Time of 25-30 Minutes.
  • This Question can be written later, and can be avoided if there is a 7/8 Marks Alternative. However it is your preference.
  • The Chances of Getting more marks in  7/8 Question are Higher.

7 / 8 Marks Questions

  • The Question is found throughout the Paper. 
  • The Question (7+8) should be completed under a Time of 20-25 Minutes.
  • The Chances of Getting more marks in this Question are Higher.

5 Marks Questions

  • The Question is found at the beginning or at the last of the Paper. 
  • The Question (7+8) should be completed under a Time of 20-25 Minutes.
  • Can Include Definition, Example, Pros and Cons, Practical Application

Additional Tips.

  • Each and Every Question should be Written in Points
  • A Point would more than 18-20 Words. 
  • Make Sure to include Examples [min 1] in each Question which can explain and relate with the Question. 
  • Include a Rough Diagram/Chart of the Question which will cover all your points
  • Include a Definition, along with the Authors Name. However if you do not remember it accurately, do not even try to write it.
  • While Studying, try to read the entire answer, and try to explain the concept to yourself in your mother tongue. Understanding the concept is the most crucial part.
  • Highlight the Important Words. 
  • You can include recent controversies, facts, news, in your answers to make them more better.

Along with all of this, these are some quick tips.

Firstly, Remember that you are screwed.

An examiner may or may not. But you, remember, that the moment you enter the Examination Hall, you have already lost 30% of the Marks.

Each Question will have a major cut, and no matter how much you elaborate on it, it wont matter. If you write it in a gist, you will lose marks as well

Secondly, Time.

Each Question will take major time of 15-30 Minutes. And you will definitely day dream during the paper which gives you an advantage of losing around an hour. Not including the time when you feel “Why am I even Writing?”, “Why do I need to know this in my course??”, “Nobody even taught me this!”, “Even if I score an O, will I have a bright future?”, “Shit! Did I follow kalingad_dynasty on Instagram?”

You have to learn to strategize your paper, write the Questions which have higher chance of gaining marks, as well as, questions with least amount of cutting marks.

After Every Answer, try to breath deeply. and count 10 Seconds in your mind, as slow as you can, and continue. To keep you calm.

Thirdly, Breathe

Look, nobody cares if you lose marks or fail. People may say something or the other, that’s it. Don’t rush it. Many a times, I have rushed my paper so badly, I mess up my handwriting, and even forgot the answers for my next question. And I sit with the worst poker face in the Exam Hall.

Image result for poker face manga

At the End

Try to have a clear mind, dont stress and write the paper neatly. Hear some hardcore music, or a light music which you have not heard in repetition previously, to clear your mind or boost you up

Image result for star platinum vs the world

Do Well!!!

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  1. Thanks, it’s really helpful. Good to know, even though we are screwed, there is scope of scoring well if we provide whatever we know, systematically. Lastly, Once we start, i feel all the struggle is worth clearing semesters for. Thank you Epsit.

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work you’ve put in. We recognise it. Also the guidance. God bless you for making this site!!

  3. It’s easy to understand’s saves lot of time…Thank you.. such a’s really helpful to us..

    1. I have added few documents on the site for History. Read all of them and you will get understand most of the elements of history. And if you cant read from book, open the Question Bank, and search for Answers on YouTube. I hope that helps :’)

  4. Helpful. Very helpful. I was almost on the verge of crying when I read about the 30% of marks. I want my Maa-Paa to read this. Thanks a lot, Epsit!

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