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Answer Banks


This was made for referential purposes only.

The content on this site is made for fair use and for understanding. None of this is official, it has been made by collaborating from websites, articles, and books. The Site does not take responsibility for someone’s Grades.


The Use of the Site is completely an individuals choice and responsibility.

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The Answer Banks have been made for the Students to easily study without having to refer to the Book, and Internet again and again. The Answer Bank is a Digital Handbook which will allow access to most of the things which are included in the syllabus, and help a Student Academically.

Do note that these are few of the Answer Banks which I received in Submissions, and are not directly made by me.

The Answer Banks were made only for the given Subject.

For the remaining subjects, please click this link which will try to cover the topics.

It is much more preferable to go for the textbooks since I have not made these on my own.

If you feel like making a contribution, let me know.



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