Know Your Product

You can go creative with the Project. But be strong about the concept. Make the product, but study about it. Think of all the possibilities of how, why, and where the product will be, including for whom and why it is.

What are the Vivas all about?

The Vivas would ask you things like the Product.

How is the Product, what purpose does it serve, why this, why that, have you followed kalingad_dynasty on instagram yet? and many more.

Then it asks how did you make the project and all. And the uniqueness about the campaign. 

However, its not always sure wether its going to be about the Product. Sometimes it will be about the Ad Design. Mine was Level 1503 Difficulty. I was asked about minor details about Ad Design and how was it made.

How to Make the Project?

Firstly, go and attend.

Almost all Professors will help you make the Project from the first lecture itself. They will teach you everything from basics, guide you on your product and how it works and not. Heck, they will even make your project for you if you just attend. 

Professors will teach you the softwares ad tell you what designs are better and stuff. 



You can use Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw. 

You can make it with Text Tool, Brush, Eraser, and the Pen Tool. Just watch a few videos and you will understand. They sound easy or tough, just YouTube some videos and get the knack.

YouTube also has direct tutorials on how to make certain Logos

For Posters and other things, try to use Mockups or Edit Images available on the Internet.

What is a Mockup? Google It. Images will help you understand Better.


You can use a Site called Canva for make the Project. It has templates which can be used. But if you directly copy the templates without making any alterations or modifications then say Goodbye to your Graduation Certificate.

It might sound stupid but after passing out, I have been using Powerpoint for my Graphic work and it helps a lot! Try that as well.


Dont forget to Print on High Resolution.

If you follow your teacher. Then you can easily get an O Grade or 99/100.

No Exaggeration. I got one. I will attach a PDF of my Brand Manual based on a Popular Site called sipe.

(dont entirely copy or do it as my project. Its just an example. It can be extremely simple or entirely designed.)

However, your attendance and knowledge about subject also matters. 

Make sure you are humble, confident and giving, in your Viva.  


my project





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